PETG Sheet Specifications

PETG, a cost-effective solution for fabricating, forming and decorating. PETG sheet offers a lower sheet price than polycarbonate, higher impact strength than acrylic and better transparency than PVC. The impact strength of PETG also means less breakage during production and transport, which means higher production rates and lower cost.


  • Excellent transparency and surface brightness
  • High impact strength, close to that of polycarbonate
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Reduce noise transmission
  • Sterilisable


  • Displays, showcases and other publicity material at sales points
  • Labeling
  • Protective shields
  • Construction components

Fabrication and Branding Options

Cut 2 Size offers the following services for PETG Sheet:
  • Lasercutting of PETG
  • Straight cutting of PETG into pieces
  • Vinyl application onto PETG
  • UV Digital Printing directly onto PETG