Avoid Germs! Handtool

The Avoid Germs! Handtool is a really practical tool to have in a time like COVID-19. In our daily lives we are constantly having to press, touch or select keyboard, ATM or credit card machine keys, bathroom or kitchen equipment buttons, door handles, lift buttons and soap dispensers. This multifunctional item helps you stay safe and will enable you to do everyday tasks without having to worry about touching surfaces. You can use this handy tool as a door opener, a stylus, a box opener, a door hook, a button presser and a bottleopener! We have included a split ring allowing you to easily add this to your car or house keys.

The Avoid Germs! Handtool allows for quick access to all functions. We offer this tool in 3 different materials – stainless steel, brass and acrylic. All three materials clean well and naturally help inhibit the growth of microbes. They are lasercut and may be branded by way of laser engraving.

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