Aluminium Treadplate 5 Bar

Aluminium Treadplate 5 Bar

Aluminium Tread Plate 5 Bar is a lightweight, functional and decorative surface material with a regular pattern of raised lines or diamonds on one side. The material is non-slip, durable and a very economical solution for corrosion resistant and non-slip applications.


  • Slip resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • It is hygienic
  • It is protective
  • It is attractive


  • Stairs, catwalks and ramps
  • Ambulance interiors and on footplates of trucks, machinery and plants
  • Decorative material, used on walls, floors and counters

Fabrication and Branding Options

Cut 2 Size offers the following services for Aluminium Treadplate Sheet:
  • CNC Routing of PVC
  • Straight cutting of Aluminium Treadplate into pieces
  • Lasercutting of Aluminium Treadplate